providing creative documentary wedding photography in France.

The style of your wedding photographer in France

Beautiful, spontaneous, natural images captured in a documentary style for your memories, forever. I photograph discretely, following the days events, looking and watching all the time for those special moments to unfold. I creatively capture true unique moments of the day, emotions, expressions, your future memories.

My style is primarily reportage but there is always time to shoot some beautiful portraits of the bride and groom and also family groups. Capturing all those people sharing your day with you is just part of your story, part of the magic.

How to choose your wedding photographer in France

Choosing your wedding photographer is not an easy decision. Your wedding photographs will be with you for the rest of your life, for your children to see, for you to relive your day over and over again. A photographer can offer many things in their packages for clients but the one thing that remains fixed is their own style of photography. The way they see things when they place a camera in front of their eye.

Check out photographers portfolios, check out lots of them. You will probably very quickly find certain styles which you love and certain styles which maybe you don't. If you like what you see here on my portfolio page then get in touch and we can chat about your wedding plans.

An experienced wedding photographer in France

I have been living in France and covering weddings here in the land of romance since 2007. I am an experienced wedding professional who understands the flow of wedding days, the needs of my bride & grooms and what is required to make the photography for your day a discrete pleasure. Along with my experience covering weddings in France over the years speaking both French and English has been very useful to many of my wedding clients when some quick translations are required!

Documentary photography, specifically documentary wedding photography is my passion. I see every wedding as a wonderful opportunity to create a collection of images which will bring the day back to life for my Brides & Grooms over and over again.