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the photography

David Page wall art photography - what's it all about?

ART noun; plural noun: arts; the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

Many photographers operate in a certain genre, street photography, landscape photography, sports photography, still life photography etc etc etc. Personally I find myself drawn to a number of these different genres and I don't constrain myself to one specific photography niche. My wedding photography work is primarily documentary photography. It's photography that captures real life, real events. The subject matter is the primary purpose of the image for either the subject themselves or for people close to them. However, my personal photography is driven by making photographs that simply please my eye. It could be a documentary street scene that I find interesting, amazing geometric architectural patterns, wonderful rich textures on a wall, a humorous scene, a metaphor, a message an interesting light.

At one of my exhibitions way back in 2013 at the Galerie sans titre in Rancon, Le populaire the regional newspaper, were there to cover the galleries opening vernissage and their description of my work always resonates with me and what it is I try and produce.

"Beacoup de noir et blanc , mais aussi des couleurs, beaucoup des paysages ,mais aussi des instant volés et des compositions. Il immortalise des instants de vie, imaginaire ou réelle, dans lesquelles rien est figé ou tout est empreint de bonheur, de douceur et d'humour. La lumière est magnifiquement saisie ce qui provoque aux visiteurs une agréable sensation d'apaisement."

"Many black & whites but also colour, many landscapes but also stolen moments and compositions. He immortalises the moments in life, imaginary or real, where nothing is lifeless, everything is full of happiness, softness and humour. The light is magnificently captured giving the viewer a sensation of calm."


My "wall art photography" on display in the galleries on this website is all about imagery that hopefully evokes a reaction, a feeling from the viewer. All images contain connections and those connections may not be the same for everyone. The subject matter of the photography I produce is eclectic. Some is an idea grown over time and then executed, some is taken on the spur of the moment, a certain view or a combination of light, people, shapes, movement, an observation, whatever it is, it's spontaneous but a spontaneity born out of a feeling which the original idea of the image initially invoked in me.

The galleries on display here present a wide variety of photography genres from classic Black & white street photography, abstract photography, architectural studies, graphic compositions, humorous images to studio still lifes. Something maybe for everyone?

Creating photography as wall art is something that has always fulfilled me. It's the creative process that I love most but the whole chain of events from image conception, looking for the shot, creating the image, editing, printing, framing and exhibiting I find so rewarding. It gives me the opportunity to really look and see the things that surround me which in the normal rush of life would be missed.

There is always something that I see in the image apart, from the obvious and self evident physical aspect, something that makes me smile, something that pleases me about a simple composition, something that has amazing colours, something that will forever remind me of a place, something that will forever remind me of a feeling, an image that is a metaphor, but always something that I think just looks cool. And there it is, the reason why I make the images is simply to enjoy looking at it when it's printed, mounted and framed and hanging on a wall. Keeping it simple, keeping it easy, keeping life beautiful to look at.