the prints

the prints

The prints available from the shop on this site are available in a single size, designed to fit a standard frame size of 30cm x 40cm. I wanted to both make it easy to find a suitable frame to display the fine art print but also in line with keeping this under the "affordable" art banner it needed to look good in standard frame sizes. There are many on the market but I know that Ikea offer a good selection of frames and there's an Ikea near everyone isn't there?

The image itself along with either the embossed authentication, title and signature or plain white border will fit nicely into the 30cm x 40cm frame size. Along with the frame a passepartout mountboard will be required to show the fine art print off at its' best. Custom picture mounts are available from a variety of sources online (google is your friend) or your local craft shop. I've included the suggested dimensions below. Fine art print? tick. Your choice of picture frame? tick. Your choice of passepartout mountboard? tick. You're all good to go, all that is required now is to slide the fine art print behind the mount board, pop it into your fame and hang it on your wall....


Fine art prints are a very social bunch and can get quite lonely on their own. As well as offering each other company they also look very nice grouped together.


There are two types of paper for the print available when ordering. Epson premium Luster and Epson fine art cotton smooth bright white. Both excellent papers but providing two different finishes. When displaying framed photos I have always found it best to avoid the high gloss finish as the reflective properties of the paper often result in a less than optimal viewing experience, espescially when the image is behind glass.

Premium Luster

This paper has, as the name suggests, a lustre finish. It lies somewhere in between a High gloss and Matt finish. Delivering a beautifully saturated print and with it's resin coated finish it resembles more of a traditional photographic feel. It's a thick 0.25mm professional paper weighing 250 g/m2 that provides a soft silk like sheen to the print.

Fine Art cotton smooth

This is an archival quality cotton rag paper specifically designed for the fine art market. It has a smooth, matte finish which removes any reflection issues from the print itself. This 300g/m2 paper is thicker, 0.45mm, than the luster finish and provides a wonderful deep print with no glare. It is the paper that I print on for the majority of prints hanging on my walls. That's just a personal choice, but it does look remarkable when exhibited behind glass.


There are two available options for the border around the print when ordering. The two images below show the white border and signed border options.

White border

The image is printed central onto the paper at 17cm x 25.5cm. Set behind a passepartout mount this allows for a white border to be displayed between the print and the edge of the passepartout mount.

Signed border

The image is printed off centre onto the paper at 17cm x 25.5cm to leave a wider border at the bottom of the print for the title, signature and embossing. Set behind a passepartout mount this allows for the signed, titled and embossed white border to be displayed between the print and the edge of the passepartout mount.


passepartout mount cutout

The two images above show the recommended cut out sizes for the passepartout mountboards to display a 1cm white border around the print and a 1cm white border on 3 sides plus a deeper white border for the signed, titled and embossed version.

1cm white border, mount size 30cm x 40cm cutout size 19cm x 27.6cm.

1cm white border plus larger border for signature, title and embossed stamp, mount size 30cm x 40cm cutout size 20.5xm x 27.6cm.


The prints are posted in cardboard reinforced envelopes which both protect the print and also fit through a standard letterbox size so when you return from work it'll be there waiting for you.

certificate of authenticity

All prints are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity detailing the print media, print title, artist signature and, where relevant, location and date taken. The embossed dp stamp provides for a subtle option of displaying the prints authenticity to the viewer.


other sizes

Yes they do exist. If you have an existing frame or just want the prints in different sizes then contact me and we'll see what can be done. If you live in the Aquitaine region of France then we are free of the constraints of product shipment and all sorts of additional options are possible.